Why Storytelling?

Storytelling is immense fun for kids. Unlike TV or the movies, the kids can participate, making the sounds of the animals, acting out the characters, responding to questions, suggesting things, and sometimes even changing the outcome of the stories!

Through stories, kids can learn about other cultures in an interactive way, which brings other peoples and lands alive. Storytelling is a quieter, calmer form of entertainment than a magician or a clown, and leaves kids more peaceful and less hyped up and cranky.

At the same time, storytelling is lively, full of laughs, and very special. My puppets are real individuals to me and to kids as well. Kids love Willy the Wolf because he's friendly and a little slow, perpetually trips and squishes his nose, and always mixes up names, calling the King "Kingie-Baby." They love Francesca the Flying Squirrel because she's smart, logical, a quick study, and loves nuts above everything else.

My stories draw kids in quickly. They feel safe knowing I won't make fun of them or say things they don't understand. My stories are kid-friendly: the villain is always comical, like Krunky the evil wizard who keeps turning himself into different kinds of food by accident.

Let me make your event a treasure trove of laughs and tales of wonder.

Michael Litzky